Household: Hensley

Married to: Ryker Welch +40

Birthdate: 02/05/04

Personality Profile: N8-S3-A4-P7-N8-L/C1-F7-E6

Rolled traits: neat, good, genius, cheerful, cat lover, clumsy, geek

Current Goals: computer whiz, tech guru e-sports gamer, video gaming skill, programming skill, train/breed a cat, A grade, scout trait

Achievement Goals:

Possible Future Goals: Angling Ace, Freelance Botanist, Curator, Big Happy Family, Super Parent, Successful Lineage, Friend of the Animals

Genetic String: HH-gg-Ff-bb

black hair-2/7 brownish eyes-1/8 skin

average height

***** RandomStuff *****

temperature preference

* cooler *

weather preference (love/hate)

* wind *

* snow *