Household: Griffiths

Married to: Jasper McKenzie +38

Anniversary: 03/05/02

Birthdate: 02/07/01

Personality Profile: N6-S3-A4-P8-N10-L/C6-F6-E6

Rolled traits: dog lover, goofball, clumsy, good, compassionate, geek

Current Goals: friend of the animals aspiration, pet training skill, a fully trained dog(both), A grade, frog collection, volunteering, character traits, charisma skill

Doctor; Politician; Treasure Hunter; Animal Trainer/Vet skill?

Achievement Goals:

Future Goals: dog breed strength, friend of the world, super parent, politics career

Genetic String: hh-gG-FF-bB

aqua hair-1/7 green eyes-1/9 skin

mid-tall height

***** RandomStuff *****

temperature preference
* cooler *

weather preference (love then hate)
* sun *
* wind *