Household: Snyder

Married to: Cole +56

Anniversary: 03/05/04

Birthdate: 02/05/05

Personality Profile:  N6-S7-A8-P9-N8-L/C3-F10-E7

Rolled traits: active, good, genius, cheerful, dog lover, childish, romantic, outgoing

Current Goals: social media internet personality, chief of mischief aspiration, charisma skill, mischief skill

Possible Future Goals: Bodybuilder, Chief of Mischief, Party Animal, Grilled Cheese, Big Happy Family, Super Parent, Friend of the Animals,
Nerd Brain, Soulmate

Genetic String: HH-gg-ff-bb

light brown hair-2/9 violet eyes-1/9 skin

mid-tall height

***** RandomStuff *****

temperature preference
* warmer *

weather preference (love/hate)
* sun *
* wind *